If you are looking for experienced and affordable Audi auto repair in Cleveland, then look no further! We offer quality Audi repair service at affordable prices! Our friendly and fully-trained Audi mechanic can inspect and fix any problems your Audi may have.

We perform a variety of services for your Audi vehicle including complete factory maintenance, computer diagnostics, software upgrades, brake repair, emission repairs, wheel alignment, tire service, and engine repairs, just to name a few auto repair services we offer.

Whether you need car maintenance, general auto repair, computer diagnostics or updates, we can take care of your auto care needs. We offer complete bumper to bumper service for all Audi models including these services:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Brakes & Tires
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Alignments & Balancing
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Electrical/Electronic Faults
  • Engine & Cooling Systems
  • Accessory Installations
  • Performance Upgrades for Power & Handling

Let GEAR show you why we are your best choice for Audi auto repair in the Cleveland area. We service all Audi models. Drop by and see us today, or give call us a call at (216) 298-4101! We look forward to serving you!


Preventive maintenance is a necessary expense to keep your Audi in good running condition. Following the scheduled maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual, checking fluid levels regularly and changing the fluids and filters periodically can minimize the risks of breakdowns and prolong the life of the engine, transmission, cooling system and brakes. So if you are driving a “maintenance needy” vehicle, you need to pay close attention to your fluids and filters. We can provide you with the following maintenance by replacing your: MOTOR OIL, OIL FILTER, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID, COOLING SYSTEM FLUID, BRAKE FLUID, POWER STEERING FLUID, & AIR FILTER.

Let us show you why we are your best choice for Audi service and repair in Cleveland, Ohio.